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D.C. Has a Robert Mueller-Themed Ice Cream Truck, Because Of Course It Does


In a “that’s so Washington” development, there’s an ice cream truck rolling around D.C. today with a mission to defend special counsel Robert Mueller, all with free scoops.

The truck is called Guilty Pleasures — the “guilty pleas” portion of the name is spelled out in red. It’s using frozen treats to advocate for Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election of President Donald Trump. According to its website, the truck offers four flavors: Mueller-Berry, Cartel Almond Brittle, Putin’s Vanilla Delight, and Fudge the Truth Chocolate.

Washingtonian reports that progressive organization Move On is at the wheel, seeking to support Mueller following growing unrest over whether acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker will attempt to stifle the Mueller probe following the resignation of Jeff Sessions. The Washington Post reports today that two senators, Republican Jeff Flake of Arizona and Democrat Christopher A. Coons of Delaware, were trying to force a vote on a bill that would prevent Mueller from being fired.

The ice cream truck has its own Twitter handle, @GuiltyPleas_urs. Its website calls on Whitaker to recuse himself from Mueller’s investigation.

Russian food truck Bel-Feast tweeted at Guilty Pleasures looking to meet up, presumably to run interference.

The schedule for the ice cream truck, which includes upcoming stops at the Trump Hotel and the Russian Embassy, is listed on the Guilty Pleasures website.