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Arlington’s Ristorante Murali Has Closed

The decade-old Italian eatery stuck with the classics

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The dining room at now-defunct Ristorante Murali.
Photo: Ristorante Murali

Ristorante Murali, the old school restaurant on Pentagon Row (1201 S. Joyce Street, Arlington, Va.) with glowing chandeliers, wall-sized art, and a regular rotation of iconic Italian dishes, has closed after 13 years.

“After many years in business, we are forever closed. Thank you for your loyalty and we wish you well,” management wrote in a farewell note posted to the restaurant’s website.

Arlnow reports that the exterior signage has been removed. No word on whether the defining mural that graced the main dining room remains in place or if the interior of the restaurant is in the process of being dismantled.

The neighborhood eatery remained loyal to its roots till the end — an out of town diner praised the “good food” and “nice place for a quiet dinner” right before the holidays — serving customers a steady diet of chicken Parmesan, seafood risotto, lamb osso bucco, linguine with clams, cannoli, and tiramisu.

Another restaurant is expected to move in nearby; Alexandria’s Bread & Water Company is setting up shop in a kiosk within the same retail complex.