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Alexandria’s New Executive Diner Is Coming to Old Town This March

First time-restaurateurs Jerry and Susan Pnevmatikatos have run preschools for 20 years

Crab cakes from Executive Diner chef Dadisi Olutosin.
Chef’s Eye Photography/Linkedin

Executive Diner co-founders Jerry and Susan Pnevmatikatos are planning to open their first restaurant, all-day eatery Executive Diner, in Old Town Alexandria on Monday, March 12.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner to customers who take a seat at the 6,000-square-foot eatery the aspiring restaurateurs expect to unveil at 1400 Duke Street is an outgrowth of what they already do: feed children at the handful of preschools and day cares they have operated for the two decades. Washington Business Journal reports that the idea for the new restaurant actually sprung from figuring out what to do with the extra space they got from an expansion necessitated by the need for a larger commissary kitchen.

The co-owners didn’t share any specifics about the menu with WBJ other than their desire to serve all three meals throughout the day. Dadisi Olutosin, who self-identifies on social media as executive chef of the forthcoming restaurant, describes his culinary passions as “gourmet comfort food,” citing influences ranging from Lowcountry cooking to West African food (Nigeria, Senegal).

He also shared a photo of crab cakes on Twitter and attached the caption: “Things you might see on the dinner menu at the Executive Diner. The possibilities are endless.”