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Local Brewer Runs for Lieutenant Governor of Maryland

District Winery rolls out happy hour on February 21

Julie Verratti, left, has accepted a job as the Small Business Administration’s new Associate Administrator of Field Operations
Denizens Brewing Co. co-founder Julie Verratti (left) and her wife Emily Bruno.
Alec Ross for Maryland [Official photo]


Denizens Brewing Co. co-founder Julie Verratti is running for lieutenant governor of Maryland, joining gubernatorial hopeful Alec Ross’ campaign. Julie and her wife Emily represent the essence of Maryland values including diversity, entrepreneurship, and activism,” Ross said of his running mate in a press release. Verratti has previously served as a board member of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce and has worked with the US Small Business Administration and the Human Rights Campaign.

Booze news

Navy Yard newcomer District Winery is introducing happy hour — 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 pm., Monday through Friday — at its embedded restaurant, Ana, beginning Wednesday, February 21. Expect select $5 beers, assorted food specials including mini mushroom toasts ($4) and duck wings ($12), select wines and rotating cocktails ($8 each), as well as half off bottles of District Winery wines.


Arlnow reports that new signage is up at forthcoming Indian restaurant Urban Tandoor (801 N. Quincy Street). The new Ballston eatery is projected to seat 95 inside with room for another 40 customers on the patio.


District Cuisine reports that Atlas District carry-out Citi Pizza (504 H Street NE) is now Pizza Walay. Menu sounds similar, but the interior got a fresh coat of paint.

Ana at District Winery

385 Water Street Southeast, , DC 20003 (202) 484-9210 Visit Website

Denizens Brewing Co

1115 East West Highway, , MD 20910 (301) 557-9818 Visit Website