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Alexandria Restaurateurs Wrestle With ‘Reinventing’ Aging Restaurant Eve

Closing it, renovating, or relocating to D.C. are all options

Restaurant Eve in Old Town Alexandria.
Vivian C./Yelp

Eat Good Food Group co-founder Cathal Armstrong is unsure of what to do with aging flagship Restaurant Eve, but he does know something needs to change — and soon.

“It’s at the point where we need to reinvent it [Eve],” Armstrong, who also operates Alexandria eateries ranging from Dublin-style chipper Eamonn’s to new, all-day hotel restaurant Hummingbird, tells Washingtonian about the uncertain fate facing his decade-old fine dining establishment. While he did not provide a firm timeline for any final action, Armstrong mentioned that closing Eve outright or moving it elsewhere — possibly into D.C. — is under consideration.

Armstrong is currently racing to put the finishing touches on his debut Asian-themed restaurant, Kaliwa; the highly anticipated Wharf eatery, which should be opening any day now, is projected to feature traditional Korean, Thai, and Filipino cuisine including yukgaejang (spicy noodle soup with beef brisket), panang curry (the first Thai dish he ever served at Eve), and kinilaw (raw seafood dish similar to ceviche).

Meanwhile, long time business partner Todd Thrasher is pushing forward on Potomac Distilling Company, the neighboring rum distillery and tiki bar he hopes to unveil at the Wharf before summer.

Restaurant Eve

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