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Consumers Boycott Ivy City Distillery Because of Ties to Trump Administration

An investment by Betsy DeVos has soured some on the local drink maker

The Jos. A. Magnus & Co. distillery in Ivy City.
Jos. A. Magnus & Co./Facebook


Betsy DeVos’ financial disclosure forms show that she’s invested in local distillery Jos. A. Magnus & Co.
Mike Lastort/Twitter

The revelation on 60 Minutes that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is a partial investor in local liquor producer Jos. A. Magnus & Co. prompted some people to call out the D.C. distillery on social media.

“I don’t care how good their booze might be, I’ll never buy it again after I found out the place helps line her pockets,” wrote Twitter user Mike Lastort.

“Skip @DistrictMagnus - one of her investments - when you’re looking for drinks,” urged Twitter user Mark Blacknell.

A spokeswoman for Jos. A. Magnus & Co. tells Eater that DeVos is not directly involved with the distilling operation. “Ms. DeVos is not one of our investors, although some members of her family are,” the Magnus aide says.

The homegrown distillery, which opened in Ivy City (2052 West Virginia Avenue NE) in 2015, manufactures a variety of spirits including bourbon, vodka, and its award-winning Vigilant Navy Strength Gin, as well as some limited edition products. Jos. A. Magnus & Co. also operates its own cocktail bar within the distillery, Murray Hill Club, which features specialty drinks made by head distiller and head drinks guru Nicole Hassoun.