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So Much for Donald Trump’s Purported Health Kick

He’s already back to eating taco bowls

Donald Trump sampling one of his branded steaks a decade ago in New York City.
Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Anyone wondering whether the soup and salad regimen President Donald Trump had supposedly been adhering to in recent weeks was a turning point for the fast food-loving septuagenarian or just a passing phase should know he fell off the wagon March 13.

Bloomberg Politics ran a thinly sourced piece earlier this month alleging that POTUS had ditched his habit of consuming multiple Big Macs and Filet-o-Fish sandwiches in a single sitting based on an anonymous person saying “it’s been two weeks since he saw the president eat a hamburger.” Washington Post food writer Tim Carman picked up the thread last week by chatting with former White House chefs about the challenges of keeping the commander-in-chief in line when gathered around the dinner table.

No one in the current administration was willing to weigh in on Trump’s diet for the WaPo piece. But NPR White House reporter Scott Horsley provided a breakthrough Tuesday based on the president’s travel agenda.

“As President Trump flew to San Diego today to visit border wall prototypes, in-flight lunch was...taco bowls,” Horsley broadcast via social media.

Horsley’s observation sparked incredulous responses (as well as some memes) from liberals and conservatives, many of which were immediately reminded of the seemingly tone-deaf message the then-presidential hopeful put out a few years back on Cinco de Mayo.

That bizarre endorsement of Tex-Mex foods brought unwanted attention to the embedded eatery at Trump Tower — including a scathing review from Vanity Fair. Perhaps the tortilla maker who most recently fed into Trump’s penchant for fatty snacks will fare better this time around.