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Restoration of Water-Damaged Redwood Appears to Have Stalled

The Bethesda restaurant closed in January after a burst pipe drenched the inside

The entrance to Redwood in Bethesda, Maryland.

Nearly decade-old neighborhood restaurant Redwood continues to sit empty months after management began cleaning up the flooded interior.

Bethesda Magazine reports that a paper sign previously posted outside the water damaged eatery assuring fans that it would reopen “soon” is no longer in place. Founder Jared Rager has also allegedly stopped responding to Bethesda Magazine’s requests for updates about when the restaurant might return. Eater reached out to Rager for comment about the shuttered eatery but has not heard back.

Management first addressed the internal damage on January 5, writing on social media that freezing temperatures had caused a pipe to burst which in turn flooded the restaurant.

“We are hopeful to re-open this weekend and we’ll post another update as soon as we have more information,” management alerted supporters

Photos of the ripped up flooring were posted to Redwood’s Facebook page on January 9. “Out with the old, in with the new!” management wrote. No additional information has been provided since a post on January 19 revealing that “the damage was more extensive than we originally anticipated.”


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