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Sakina Grill’s Renovation Is Taking Longer Than Expected

Management plans to reopen the downtown restaurant in the coming weeks

Customers waiting in line to eat at Pakistani-Indian restaurant Sakina.
Sakina Halal Grill/Facebook

An employee at Sakina Halal Grill tells Eater that the downtown restaurant plans to reopen at the end of the month with or without the new furniture management is waiting on.

The K Street restaurant, which is run by restaurateur and self-appointed caretaker of D.C.’s homeless community Kazi Mannan, is currently closed for a top-to-bottom renovation of the Pakistani-Indian eatery.

“We are looking forward to serve you soon with our fully beautifully renovated Sakina Halal Grill,” management writes in an announcement on its website explaining the temporary shuttering.

Staff at the long-standing restaurant (1108 K Street NW) say the entire dining room is getting a much needed refresh. The current plan is to resume serving food to customers by the end of the month whether or not all of the incoming decor is already in place. According to staff new furniture being shipped “from overseas” is unlikely to arrive before May.

Eater reached out to Mannan to ask if any corresponding menu changes might accompany the redesign but has not heard back.

Sakina Halal Grill

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