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Questlove Fanboys Over Himitsu Chef Kevin Tien

The entertainer and food lover says he “NEED”s to try Tien’s cooking

Questlove hails D.C. chef Kevin Tien on Instagram.

Accomplished musician, author, and occasional restaurateur Questlove is singing Himitsu co-founder Kevin Tien’s praises on social media, alerting his tens of thousands of Instagram followers that Tien “is the man out there in DC!”

“@himitsudc has made 2017 Best Restaurants in America list, Eater’s Twelve Best New Restaurants in America list AND he’s a finalist for the chef James Beard Foundation Award! The food is a twist of his Vietnamese heritage and Louisiana roots … a combo I NEED to try,” the Roots drummer and Tonight Show personality proclaimed on social media.

It remains unclear why Tien, who has racked up numerous awards since opening his critically acclaimed Petworth restaurant in late 2016, suddenly appeared on Questlove’s radar. But the talented chef, who most recently appeared on the second season of Food Network’s Iron Chef Gauntlet (he was cut in episode 3), wasted no time responding in kind.

“Hit me up whenever you are in DC. Would love to do a private dinner for you and your crew!” Tien replied to his new celebrity fan.


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