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Pepperoni Rolls Are Replacing Bryan Voltaggio’s Upscale Menu at Civil Cigar Lounge

The cigar shop has tapped Petworth’s Pepperoni Chic to fulfill its dining needs now that Range has closed

Gourmet pepperoni rolls at Pepperoni Chic.
Pepperoni Chic/Facebook

Specialty shop Civil Cigar Lounge (CCL) is bringing in gourmet pepperoni rolls from Petworth newcomer Pepperoni Chic now that its former culinary partner, now-defunct Range, has closed.

Top Chef alum and restaurateur Bryan Voltaggio designed the original menu for Civil and kept the adjoining gathering place in all the locally raised oysters, gourmet pizzas, and red wine-soaked rib-eyes its customers could eat over the years. CCL retail sales and events manager Juan Ulloa tells Eater that now that Voltaggio is gone from the area, CCL is pursuing alternative dining options.

“At this point we don’t envision any of the menu items carrying over as the recipes were property of Bryan Voltaggio and Range,” he says. CCL co-founder Matt Krimm’s short-term solution: working the cheesy, spicy pepperoni rolls he snacks on while at home into the mix.

“Matt Krimm lives in Petworth and has known Karen Shannon since her time at Galileo III,” Ulloa says, adding that Krimm has visited her fledgling shop and already began introducing the meat-filled baked goods beloved by West Virginians at CCL’s bar last week. “The closure has sped up the process and necessitated them being available all night.”

Per Ulloa, CCL will carry one selection made by Shannon — Pepperoni Chic produces rolls filled with meat sauce,mushrooms, spicy nduja, assorted cheeses, and more — as well as a rotating vegetarian option to start. CCL is also looking to partner with outside vendors on charcuterie service.

“The long term plan is to bring all the food service in-house and create a lounge focused menu that will live up to our slogan: Drink. Smoke. Eat,” management said in a prepared statement.


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