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Milk Bar’s New Flagship D.C. Bakery Will Roll Out Experimental Desserts Weekly

The enormous Logan Circle outpost of Christina Tosi’s sweets empire includes debut test kitchen, Milk Bar Lab

The new Coffee + Donut sundae will be sold exclusively at Milk Bar’s Logan Circle location.

She may have started the bakery in New York, but Northern Virginia native Christina Tosi has saved the very best of Milk Bar for the new flagship store she’s unveiling Saturday, June 2 in Logan Circle.

The latest Milk Bar location — Tosi’s 14th to date — is the biggest and most accommodating outpost in her growing family of sweets shops. The 2,383-square-foot space, which was formerly an auto repair shop, has been converted into a neighborhood gathering place featuring a walk-up window for ordering food on the go; a fully stocked bakery and cafe; an outdoor patio with a retractable awning; a classroom/private event space which is projected to host weekly baking classes — Tosi is leading a session from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on June 2; proceeds benefit local charity N Street Village — movie nights, and more; and a dedicated parking lot Tosi says will likely become littered with “dumb stuff” including “baby pools for dogs.”

One significant upgrade: the experimental Milk Bar Lab.

Rather than keep things under wraps until ready for distribution across the entire chain (the traditional model), Tosi says Logan Circle will give customers first crack at works in progress. She says the plan is to roll out at least one new cookie, bread, and truffle every Wednesday — initial offerings include strawberry-lemon truffles, cherry pie cookies, and strawberry-cream cheese bombs — but notes that the test group could also include funky ice creams, cakes, or new takes on old favorites.

“We’re always working on something new,” Tosi tells Eater.

The spacious shop features many of the offerings found at other Milk Bar stores (gourmet coffee, soft serve, assorted baked goods), along with a load of extras. Bonus items include: a broader selection of gourmet cakes available for carryout (special orders are always available); pre-wrapped individual slices of assorted cakes; six-packs of Milk Bar’s protein-packed bread “bombs;” and compost cookie cakes. New releases exclusive to Logan Circle include: a turkey sausage and egg bagel bomb; debut toppings for soft serve ranging from strawberry-flavored gummies to crunchy nuggets combining chocolate, peanut butter, and dulce de leche; a blueberry pie shake; and the crowning achievement: a chocolate fudge-filled, cinnamon sugar-dusted waffle cone filled with soft serve.

“It’s gonna smell like magic in here,” Tosi says of the lingering scent from the doughnut batter used to create Milk Bar’s inaugural “Coffee + Donut” handheld sundae. The crunchy vessel is lined with chocolate fudge sauce, filled with choice of soft serve flavors — the house cereal milk, chocolate-covered pretzel, or twist — and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, coffee-flavored “sand,” and topped with caramelized doughnut bites. Next up: Tosi wants to work a Ritz cracker-flavored cone into the mix.

The new Milk Bar Logan Circle is projected to operate from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to midnight on Friday and Saturday, and from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday.

Status: Scheduled to open on June 2. 1525 15th Street NW; website.

Scroll down to see photos of the new space and some of the exclusive offerings:

The Milk Bar Lab offerings will be showcased at the far end of the main counter at the new Milk Bar in Logan Circle.

Assorted specialty cakes on display at the new Milk Bar in Logan Circle.

A communal table features seating for about a dozen customers inside the new Milk Bar in Logan Circle.

Retail shelves at the new Milk Bar in Logan Circle are stocked with everything from baking mixes and cookbooks to novelty birthday candles and branded bandanas.

Trios of pre-packaged truffles on display in a grab-and-go cooler at the new Milk Bar in Logan Circle.

The open air patio at the new Milk Bar in Logan Circle features a few tables, some umbrellas, and a retractable awning.

The pre-existing garage doors provide easy access to the new workshop/private event space at Milk Bar in Logan Circle.

Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi says baking classes at the new Logan Circle location will be capped at 30 participants per session. She expects to offer a mix of adult and kid-friendly events on a regular basis. “Best of all, you take home everything you make,” she says of the hands-on instruction.

One of the items currently featured at Milk Bar Lab: irresistible strawberry-lemon truffles.

Pre-packaged, single serving slices of assorted cakes are one of the extras offered by the new Milk Bar in Logan Circle.

Compost cookie cakes will be part of the regular rotation at the new Milk Bar in Logan Circle.

The debut toppings at the new Milk Bar in Logan Circle include chocolate-peanut butter crunchies.

Another of the debut toppings at the new Milk Bar in Logan Circle: sugary, strawberry-flavored gummies.

The new Milk Bar in Logan Circle.

Milk Bar - Logan Circle

1525 15th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 Visit Website
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