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Mike Isabella Settles Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Harassment at His Restaurant Group

The financial terms are sealed, but he and accuser Chloe Caras issue a joint statement regarding changes in the workplace

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Top Chef alum and restaurateur Mike Isabella at his flagship restaurant, Graffiato. 
Matt McClain/The Washington Post

Embattled restaurateur Mike Isabella has settled the lawsuit alleging that he and other leaders of his hospitality group sexually harassed former manager Chloe Caras during her time working for Mike Isabella Concepts (MIC). In the months since the accusations erupted Isabella has lost business partners, closed restaurants, and faced defections by talented staff.

Caras, who brought the original suit against Isabella and some of his highest ranking personnel, issued a joint statement with the Top Chef alum asserting that changes were coming to his dining empire.

According to Caras’ attorney Debra Katz, the settlement — which includes an undisclosed amount of money (Caras at one point reportedly asked for millions of dollars in damages) — accomplished Caras’ goal of getting “MIC to enter in a binding agreement obligating it to take corrective measures, including robust training, and to adopt policies to encourage a work environment free of sexual harassment.” For his part, Isabella says the agreement “allows us to focus on a future in which all of our valued employees will continue to flourish.”

No word on whether the settlement fulfills Caras’ request to nullify nondisclosure agreements she says kept others at MIC from joining her cause.

Scroll down to read the entire statement issued by Pikrallidas Law:

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