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The Race Is On to Open Merrifield’s Newest Poke Restaurant

Dueling fast-casual eateries are days away from serving the public

The entrance to new poke restaurant the Grove.
Warren Rojas/Eater DC

Two new Merrifield ventures are racing to become locals’ source for raw seafood, putting the finishing touches on a pair of poke restaurants that prove the runaway dining trend is far from over.

California chain Poke Bar is now scheduled to open its location inside Mosaic District (8298 Glass Alley #100, Fairfax, Va.) by the end of the month. Just down the road by the Dunn Loring Metro, homegrown enterprise the Grove doesn’t appear to be too far behind.

A temporary banner is up outside the counter-service spot (2673-C Avenir Place, Vienna, Va.), but everything inside the Grove appears to be ready to go. Menus are posted above the main counter, chairs are planted around a communal table, and industrial coolers are begging to be filled with impulse buys. Featured offerings include build-your-own bowls, burritos, bibimbap dishes, salads, or noodle dishes ($11.95 each). Core proteins include: bulgogi beef; chicken breast; ahi tuna; salmon (raw or cooked); chicken breast; crab salad; octopus salad; and shrimp. Vegetarian fare ranges from black beans and lentils to tofu.