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The Daikaya Crew Is Previewing Its Newest Ramen Shop This Weekend

The temporary Hatoba stand will serve Japanese-style hot dogs and imported beer in Navy Yard

Assorted offerings at Daikaya.

The noodle-loving empire builders behind some of D.C.’s most popular ramen shops (Daikaya, Haikan, Bantam King) are putting a ballpark-friendly twist on their next venture, Hatoba, this weekend in Navy Yard.

Washingtonian reports that the temporary version of Hatoba, which means to capitalize on all the excitement surrounding the upcoming MLB All-Star Game, will take place inside its future home — the space formerly occupied by Spanish sandwich shop 100 Montaditos (330 Tingey Street SE #170). The Daikaya team said on social media that it will serve Asian-style hot dogs and Sapporo beers from noon to 8 p.m. from Friday, July 13 through Tuesday, July 17 to whet diners’ appetites for what’s to come.

When the 80-seat restaurant debuts this winter, customers should expect industrial decor inspired by Japanese warehouses as well as memorabilia from a baseball team in Sapporo. Washingtonian says the menu is projected to feature ramen (hot and cold), dumplings, imported beer, and cocktails.