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Ballston’s Filipino Destination Bistro 1521 Has Reopened

Back rent problems, begone

David S./Yelp

Bistro 1521 has reopened after a back rent tussle with its landlord, relays ARLNow. Bistro reopened this past Saturday, July 14, and general manager Solita Wakefield told the blog that biz has since been good.

The Filipino restaurant closed suddenly earlier this month, with reports stating trouble with its landlord, the Virginia Tech Real Estate Foundation. The landlord locked down the restaurant and adhered an official notice to its doors, outlining the issues (both “lease defaults” and “outstanding amounts payable” were mentioned.)

Bistro 1521’s owners, Wakefield and Manny Tagle, previously told Eater that they hoped the closure would be temporary. The reopening is partially a result of the landlords being chill post-issue. Wakefield told ARLNow that they were “so willing” to work with the restaurant.

Bistro 1521’s one-year anniversary is coming up on Sunday, July 29, and Jose Manuel del Gallego Romualdez, Philippines ambassador to the U.S., is expected to attend.

Bistro 1521

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