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Z-Burger Facing Backlash over Tweeted Meme Featuring Murdered Journalist

Plus, Chaia eyes a garden expansion

Z Burger/Twitter


Local burger chain Z-Burger is in hot water after a wild tweet juxtaposing an image of late American journalist James Foley (awaiting execution by ISIS in 2014) with an image of a hamburger, Washingtonian reports. The now-deleted tweet read: “When you say you want a burger and someone says okay let’s hit McDonalds.” Beneath the picture of Foley read “You disgrace me.” Z-Burger owner Peter Tabibian tells the magazine that an outside company, Valor Media, based in North Carolina, was hired to handle all of the chain’s social media and was responsible for the tweet.

Michael Valor, founder, etc. of Valor Media issued an intense three part apology on Twitter attempting to explain what happened (part one is embedded below).


Georgetown vegetarian taco stalwart Chaia is applying for a new 16-seat summer garden, as per a liquor license placard spotted by POPVille.


While “National Tequila Day” isn’t a real thing, today, $1 shots of Jose Cuervo Tradicional certainly are. Guaranteed to brighten up a Tuesday, these one-bill shots are available at five locations throughout town — H Street Country Club, Dirty Water, Cloak & Dagger, Prospect, and San Antonio — to celebrate the non-existent food holiday.


EatWell DC is expanding out of D.C. for the first time ever, opening its first restaurant in Maryland this October. The Charles — Farm Table & Public House will be situated minutes away from the company’s La Plata, Maryland farm in Charles County.


Yup, Aperol spritzes are everywhere this year — and Campari, the company that makes Aperol, is thrilled their aggressive marketing of the beverage has paid off. The Times takes a look.