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Maydan Is One Of Eater’s Best New Restaurants in America

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Critic Bill Addison singled out the Shaw restaurant

Lamb shoulder from D.C.’s Maydan
Rey Lopez/Eater DC
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

D.C.’s Middle Eastern hotspot Maydan is among Eater critic Bill Addison’s picks for the best new restaurants in America.

The critic singled out the restaurant as one of the 18 most notable debuts over the past year or so. The restaurant from owner Rose Previte and chefs Gerald Addison and Chris Morgan explores the foods of Lebanon, Georgia, Syria, Iran, and Morocco. As Addison wrote, Maydan “brings welcome attention to a span of the world whose wondrous cuisines remain perplexingly undersung in the United States.”

Maydan opened last November and the splashy restaurant has received much attention for its striking open flame located in the center of the action. The restaurant has been packed for months with diners eager to sample the restaurant’s brightly colored spreads and decadent lamb shoulder.

Addison’s full list of restaurants, including destinations like New Orleans’ Bywater American Bistro and Los Angeles’ Majordomo, is here.

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