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Filipino Restaurant Bistro 1521 Hopes Closing Is a Temporary Setback

Management said they hope to soon rectify the situation

Bistro 1521 Official

It’s not necessarily the end for Bistro 1521, which abruptly closed earlier this week due to financial problems. The Filipino restaurant — which isn’t quite a year old — was locked down by its landlord after reportedly defaulting on the lease. A sign posted to the door — by Virginia Tech Real Estate Foundation — said the doors were locked “to secure the Landlord’s possession.”

Bistro 1521’s owners told Eater via email: “It’s a temporary setback unfortunately. We’re working with the landlord to rectify the situation and hope to open soon.” The restaurant did not explain how much back rent they owed to their landlord or detail when a potential re-opening date may be.

Bistro 1521 is owned by Manny Tagle and Solita Wakefield, the second Filipino spot opened by the pair in Arlington. The duo opened Bistro 7107 in Crystal City, but closed the spot in 2017, moving to Ballston and reopening as 1521.

Bistro 1521

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