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MacMillian Whisky Bar Will Move Into Mosaic District This Winter

It’s going to be all dark wood paneling, leather chairs, and floor-to-ceiling bar shelves

Mosaic District/Facebook

There are plenty of destinations for whiskey lovers downtown, but a new bar and restaurant headed to NoVa’s Mosaic District is aiming to be home base for drinkers in the Virginia suburbs. MacMillian Whisky Bar is currently in the works for mixed-use development in Merrifield, targeting a winter opening.

“We both love whiskey and really enjoy some of the great whiskey bars downtown, and thought it would be great to have a nice whiskey bar closer to where we live,” Derek Anderson and his wife Emma told Eater. “We have lots of friends who love whiskey and many who want to love whiskey but don’t really know quite where to start and we wanted to create a place that is welcoming to everyone, whether you’re a seasoned whiskey drinker or a complete novice.”

They also think it will fit a need at the ever-growing Mosaic District. “We also believe that Mosaic needs a sophisticated neighborhood bar that is nice but also very comfortable and inviting for everyone,” Anderson said.

The shelves will be lined with Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, Rye, Japanese, Canadian whiskey, along with wines and champagnes that will be served by the glass. Drinkers will find cocktails and a small beer selection, including Guinness — which makes sense, as the design is inspired by traditional British pubs. There will be an enclosed booth called an Irish snug, along with a long brass bar top, antique brass fixtures, dark wood paneling, leather chairs, and floor-to-ceiling bar shelves.

MacMillian Whisky Bar also hopes to serve burgers and classic bar snacks with a British sensibility (tater tots, Guinness beer-battered onion rings, Scotch eggs, and fish and chips are all in discussions). “If the permitting office goes along, our goal is to have a few soft openings around Christmas, and to have our grand opening on New Year’s Eve,” Anderson says.