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Join Eater DC’s New Facebook Group and Get On-Demand Restaurant Recommendations

A place where editors share favorites and readers chat with each other

Half-smoke at Ben's Chili Bowl [Photo: R. Lopez]
Half-smoke at Ben’s Chili Bowl
R. Lopez/Eater DC
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Never fall victim again to the wild world of Yelp reviews: Eater DC recently announced its brand new, members-only Facebook Group. (Don’t worry — all you need to do to join is make a request to be added.) Have you joined yet?

Once inside, members ask for restaurant recommendations, post photos of their latest favorite restaurants, debate which omakase reigns supreme, and just generally share thoughts with other avid Eater DC readers. Think of it like a crowd-sourced concierge from D.C.’s most in-the-know diners. Right now, the group is close to approaching a thousand members — let’s keep it going.

It’s a big city with endless options, so personalized recommendations from fellow members and Eater editors can be a lifeline for finding that perfect place, whether it be your next date spot, cheap eats adventure, expense account blowout, or regular Tuesday night meal. Find out exactly which happy hours are best around your office, or which tasting menu is actually in your price range for that special birthday dinner.

Once you join, please review the guidelines for the group at the top of the Facebook page before posting.

Not into the idea of this group? As always, the Eater 38 and Eater DC Heatmap have you covered.

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