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D.C.’s Debut Meatball Shop Is Now Slated to Open August 22

Plus, a Rick and Morty bar is coming

Courtesy The Meatball Shop

Eater tracking

Spherical-food experts and NYC imports The Meatball Shop are now slated to open their D.C. shop on Wednesday, August 22. The Logan Circle location — taking over the recently relocated Cork — was originally scheduled to open next week on Tuesday, August 7. The build-your-own menu offers diners a choice of meatball ingredients (including pork and vegetarian), a sauce, and how the meatballs come — “naked,” or on a salad or bread.

Pop-up alert

Drink Company — the creative bar group that’s brought D.C. bars themed around Christmas and Game of Thrones among others — has announced its latest pop-up: Wubba Lubba Dub PUB, modeled after the sci-fi animated series Ricky and Morty reports Washingtonian. The PUB will be gloriously decked out in all things R&M, and will also feature two entrances — one for customers dressed as Ricks, and another for everyone else.

Karlin Villondo Photography

Menu porn

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken has announced its August flavors. Selling for $3.25 are both a sangria and banana guava smoothie donut — the former has a sangria glaze, the latter has Greek yogurt chip topping. The $3.50 donuts are chocolate mochachino (a chocolate cake confection with espresso glaze) and key lime pie, which has key lime curd filling and lime cream cheese glaze.