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Mr. Yogato’s Owner Wants to Sell His Frozen Yogurt Shop for $1

Plus, EatWell’s SoulCycle-obsessed marketing director on how she fits in working out

Diane. F/Yelp

The shutter

The owner of Dupont Circle frozen yogurt shop Mr. Yogato wants to move on and plans to close the shop in October, according to the Washington City Paper. He’s looking for another frozen yogurt/trivia fan for a succession plan. Here’s his Facebook post from yesterday: “After ten glorious years, Mr. Yogato will be retiring in October. Although he is sad, he is looking for the next “Charlie Bucket” to continue the legacy of scrumptious frozen yogurt and irritating trivia. Mr. Yogato loves this store and, because he really wants to see it live on, he will sell it to a worthy yogurt enthusiast for $1. Email if interested!”


Delina Eritrean Urban Kitchen is now open at 4914 Cordell Avenue, according to Robert Dyer. Check out the menu here.


EatWell DC’s marketing director and Commissary’s general manager Heidi Minora and 2018 RAMMY Manager of the Year walks the Washingtonian through her daily schedule, in which she manages to fit two-a-day SoulCycle classes into a 90-hour work week.


D.C. chefs from Centrolina, The Source, Masseria, Trummer’s on Main, and Maydan cooked a sold-out meal at the James Beard House in NYC.


Alexandria coffee shop Killer E.S.P. opened up a second location in downtown D.C., according to Washington City Paper, and this is a grab-and-go affair. WCP says the shop at 675 I St. doesn't have a single stool in the place. There are treats from Julia’s Empanadas and Dangerously Delicious Pies however.