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For Sale: The Building Housing an Arlington Icon

Plus, $5 tacos.

Bob & Ediths Official

For sale

The original Bob & Edith’s Diner — which opened on Columbia Pike in Arlington in 1969 — is now for sale reports ARLNow, for a cool $2.5 Million. While the building is for sale, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the original Bob & Edith’s is closing — a local realtor told ARLNow that he believes the restaurant’s lease is good for another four years. It’s likely, he told the site, that the restaurant simply decided not to buy the building. [ARLNow]


Taco Bamba is allowing patrons to eat cheap and help others — all four locations in the area (Falls Church, Springfield, Vienna, Chinatown) are offering the mini-chain’s Nature Boy taco for $5 from September 22 through 29. All proceeds from sales of the taco — with bacon and barbecue jalapeño-corn nacho cheese — will benefit World Central Kitchen’s Hurricane Florence relief efforts.

Busy chefs

Washingtonian describes how some chefs can manage to stay, like, really really busy. The website profiled Cathal Armstrong, chef of four DC restaurants, including The Whard’s Kaliwa, spends his little off-duty free time with his two kids, and winning national Taekwondo championships. [Washingtonian]