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Gwar Will Destroy Drink Company’s ‘Rick and Morty’ Pop-Up

This makes room for the Gwar PUB (Pop-Up Bar), which will open this Thursday and run through Halloween

A mug for sale at GWARbar in Richmond

Drink Company’s Derek Brown is taking Turner Broadcasting’s orders to destroy the art from its “Rick & Morty” pub seriously. The pop-up, which was shutdown over a copyright dispute, will soon be destroyed by shock rock band Gwar.

“They’re going to come in and kick some things around, and break some things, and let Gwar be Gwar,” Brown told Washingtonian, revealing the news that members of the band will lay waste to the “Rick & Morty” art on Thursday, September 6. That will be the same day that a section of the bar will reopen as Gwar PUB (Pop-Up Bar). It’s going to be filled with Gwar’s heavy metal memorabilia, costumes, and themed drinks.

That means Gwar fans in the area won’t have to go to Richmond’s Gwarbar for a fake blood-spattered night out. Washingtonian reports that the D.C. pop-up will have a “hall of blood” with mirrors and red light and a “blood suit” for photo opps. The bar will run through the fall and end with a blowout party on Halloween (naturally).