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Look Inside Drink Company’s Gruesome Gwar Pub Pop-Up

Gushers fruit snacks are on the menu at the metal band-themed Shaw cocktail bar, which runs through Halloween

Gwar Pub cocktail Oderus Eternal
Nicholas Karlin

There was an intense note posted on the door yesterday at the opening of Gwar Pub, the pop-up that Drink Company pulled together to replace its short-lived and copyright-challenged “Rick & Morty” bar. It read:

Minors are denied entry due to potentially offensive material, including depictions of violence and sexual innuendos. Though the work presented is satire, we also urge anyone who has strong aversions to horror themes to check with the door people before entry about what is being presented. Ultimately, we think you’re going to have fun and enjoy the work of these great artists and entertainers but de gustibus non east disputandum (there’s no accounting for taste).

For fans of Richmond’s theatrical heavy metal band, however, this pop-up is designed to deliver: the walls are covered with Gwar costumes and memorabilia. On the drinks menu, find cocktails like the $14 Undead Scumdog, with sherry brandy, maraschino liquor, grapefruit, cinnamon, fig grenadine, and lime; a $13 Bonesnapper with Hendrick’s Gin and sake; and a Slaughterama-rita with tequila, watermelon, lime, and salt. The food menu is straight out of a 7/11’s shelves, composed of snacks like Gusher fruit snacks, Twinkies, and Combos.

The Gwar Pub (1839 7th Street NW) and will run through Halloween, naturally. Scroll through the Instagrams to check out the pop-up’s creatively ghoulish decor.

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