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Busted Water Pipe Forces Trusty Logan Circle Bar to Close for Repairs

The Commodore will likely need new dry wall

Water damage to the ceiling at the Commodore.
Courtesy of Brian Westlye

The Commodore, a trusty Logan Circle pub known for serving up affordable beers and Southern bar food, was forced to go on a water-logged hiatus today when a pipe burst in a vacant apartment directly above it.

Brian Westlye, the chief operating officer of the management group that runs the neighborhood bar, tells Eater that the pipe froze during a recent cold snap and busted today, causing “a lot of damage” that will force the bar to close until repairs are made. A Popville reader first spotted the problem early this morning.

Westlye says the Commodore will be without power and water until the water lines are secured, and he expects that the dry wall will have to be replaced.

“We’ve already reached out to our drywall guy, our contractor for that,” Westlye says, “Depending on how bad the damage is, we should be able to turn it around pretty quick and get re-opened.”

The management group does not own the building, Westlye said, so any insurance claims will go through the landlord. In the meantime, he feels for the staff that will be out of work during winter months that are already typically slow.

He says that repeat customers from the neighborhood have helped the Commodore maintain its business during a partial government shutdown that has affected other restaurants and bars.

“From last year at this time our numbers are even, if not up,” he says.

Dry wall has already been torn down to check on water lines.
Courtesy of Brian Westlye
Damage to the ceiling at the Commodore.
Courtesy of Brian Westlye

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