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Michelle Obama Visits Experimental Mix-In Burger Joint Eat Brgz

The former first lady has a personal connection to the new fast-casual spot

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Michelle Obama poses with Eat Brgz staff and owner Brandon Gaynor.
Michelle Obama, second from left, poses with Eat Brgz staff and owner Brandon Gaynor, far right.
Courtesy of Eat Brgz

Michelle Obama may be the picture of health, but the former first lady and best-selling memoirist isn’t above enjoying a burger, or, in this case, a “brg.” America’s favorite presidential spouse (sorry, Melania) paid a visit to Eat Brgz near Eastern Market earlier this week to sample a selection of the new fast-casual counter’s experimental mix-in burgers and proprietary low-fat, protein-packed milkshakes.

How Obama felt about the “brgz” — beef, chicken, or Impossible burgers with all the toppings mixed in and dipping sauces substituting for condiments — is unknown. But the visit itself shows that she supports her people. Alex May-Sealey, a staff member in Obama’s personal office, is married to Eat Brgz founder Brandon Gaynor.

Gaynor says the experimental burger shop, which opened in August, is starting to hit its stride with service and is selling a lot of its international brgz — there’s a feta-stuffed Kafta style and a Bombay-spiced Samosa flavor with carrots and peas. He’s surprised to report that the gluten-free cauliflower buns, held together with eggs and cheese, have accounted for almost a quarter of the store’s sales.

A mix-in burger, with fries, a shake, and queso dipping sauce from Eat Brgz.
A mix-in burger, with fries, a shake, and queso dipping sauce from Eat Brgz.
Danny Kim/For Eat Brgz

Obama has championed health as the leader of the Let’s Move! initiative tackling childhood obesity. Because she’s as close to perfect as humanly possible, she also understands the value of a splurge. While her husband’s tastes tilt toward burgers, Obama has crossed off a wide variety of D.C. restaurants on her own prolific list.

Meanwhile, as part of their deal with Netflix, the Obamas are working on a kids show called Listen to Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents.

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