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Bantam King Is Pairing Sichuan Fried Chicken With Vanilla Soft Serve

The Daikaya Group restaurant is offering the combo through its seasonal walk-up window

Cups of vanilla soft serve come with a fried chicken drumette and chile honey, left, or peanuts and chicken reduction caramel.
Rey Lopez/For Bantam King

Daikaya Group sees fans of Wendy’s dunking their fries in Frostys and politely asks them to hold its beer. Bantam King, the group’s fast food-esque location for chicken ramen and fried chicken plates, is taking the idea of mixing salty and sweet a step further with the introduction of two poultry-spiked cups of vanilla soft serve.

The restaurant, which resides in a former Burger King, opens its seasonal walk-up window tomorrow with a short menu that includes a fried chicken drumette — seasoned with butter, chicken fat, and Sichuan peppers — that’s presented on top of the ice cream with a drizzle of Japanese chile honey made with ichimi togarashi ($5.50). The other option is vanilla soft serve topped with peanuts and a chicken reduction caramel ($4), which chef-partner Katsuya Fukushima says is a nod to McDonald’s.

Chicken reduction caramel gets drizzled onto soft serve.
Rey Lopez/For Bantam King

The window will also sell mochi (two for $5) and a Japanese caramel custard pudding called purin ($2.50).

Bantam King introduced the walk-up window last year with a Moroccan chicken skin and ice cream sandwich.

“It was such a hit that many fans have already asked for us to bring it back this season but we’ll have to see,” Fukushima says in a statement provided to Eater.

Fukushima adds that the group is developing a fried chicken sandwich with fried egg and will introduce other specials for the window in the coming weeks. The window is open during regular Bantam King hours: 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday with an 11 p.m. close on Friday and Saturday.

Bantam King

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