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Rosslyn’s Metro Mall Is Getting a Food Hall With a Cool Way to Pay

The managing company lets customers pay bills from several stalls on one check

Oz Rey [official]

All on one check

The development company that owns the mall above the Rosslyn Metro station in Arlington broke ground earlier this month on a $35 million renovation that includes installing a 12-vendor food hall. Oz Rey, a company out of Austin, Texas, that owns Houston food hall Finn Hall, will recruit local chefs and restaurants to move in for temporary licenses. Washington Business Journal reports that American Real Estate Partners picked Oz Rey in part because of the company’s centralized point of service system. Oz Rey will run its own bar and manage sales throughout the food hall, so customers can visit multiple spots and then pay one aggregate tab. Oz Rey’s owner told WBJ it expects to bring in premium coffee, burgers and sandwiches, Asian stalls, and a seafood purveyor. [WBJ]

Pizza claps back

Tom Cotton, a Republican senator from Arkansas, called out &pizza CEO Michael Lastoria yesterday for the pie mogul’s decision to sign a full-page ad in the New York Times that called restricting access to abortions “bad for business.” In a speech on the Senate floor, Cotton said that &pizza will pay employees to tattoo their logo on their bodies but won’t cover paid parental leave. Cotton also attempted to deliver a wicked burn by saying he’d call for a boycott “but you could just skip them because their pizza is lousy anyway.” Lastoria responded on Twitter with a .gif meme from the Hangover, as one does. [Washingtonian]

Gambling on ramen

The owner of RedRocks Pizza plans to put a ramen and izakaya bar inside a Capitol Hill building that formerly housed long-running lesbian bar Phase 1. WBJ reports that James O’Brien has signed a lease at 525 Eighth Street SE and wants to explore his love of Japanese food with some help from investors based in New York. [WBJ]