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Pro-Trump Supporters and Cops Mixed and Mingled at a Packed Downtown Pub Last Night

Trump retweeted a now-viral video that captures an unmasked crowd blatantly violating public health orders inside Harry’s Pub

Harry’s Pub was the scene of a packed pro-Trump gathering this week.
Harry’s Pub/official photo

A Trump supporter who tweeted a now-viral video on Tuesday night inside downtown American pub Harry’s shows the bar is clearly disobeying public safety protocols under D.C.’s Phase 2 reopening guidelines.

Texan conservative author and podcaster David Harris Jr. filmed a crowd standing all over the restaurant, packed tightly together. No one appears to be wearing a mask. Some patrons are also sitting at the bar, which also violates public health orders put into place to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The 38-second clip, which appears to be filmed live on Tuesday night, also captures a cadre of Metropolitan Police Department officers walking through the bar. Instead of breaking up the crowd, they receive a shouting chant of “Back the Blue.”

MPD’s communication team on Wednesday confirmed that cops were not called to the bar or sent there to break it up, even though the bar is blatantly disobeying public health orders in order to cater to the pro-Trump crowd. Some patrons fist bump cops as they walk by. Trump retweeted the video, which has now gone viral:

The President’s retweet amplifies his previous message encouraging the country not to let the virus “dominate your life,” even though America has seen more than 200,000 deaths.

Harry’s is a logical place for Trump supporters to gather because of its close proximity to the Trump hotel. Far-right group Proud Boys received a police escort to the bar in 2019.

A manager reached by phone on Wednesday says, “I’m not commenting on anything,” adding he was not working at the bar on Tuesday night.

Harry’s was already warned by Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) officials in July for insufficient spacing. Under Phase 2 reopening orders, all customers have to wear masks when they’re not eating or drinking. It does appear Harry’s restaurant workers were wearing masks.

Located in the historic Harrington Hotel, the 26-year-old saloon serves American classics like ribs, a New York strip steak sandwich, and burgers (436 11th Street NW).

Harris, who is on the board of the Black Voices for Trump coalition, also made headlines in August after filming a scuffle with American Airlines employees telling him he is banned from future flights for refusing to wear a mask on a former flight.

His Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles boast a combined total of nearly 4 million followers. He was in D.C. this week to speak at the Unsilent Majority March.