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D.C. Restaurant Experts Predict Food News Headlines for 2021

Food writers, bloggers, and industry pros peer into the not-so-distant future

Chef Jose Andres Converts Restaurants To Community Kitchens In Response To Coronavirus Pandemic
Will José Andrés get a cabinet position?
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Following an Eater tradition, we asked a group of restaurant critics, journalists, bloggers, and — as a new twist this year — a couple industry pros to weigh in on the year in food. Their answers to an annual “Year in Eater” survey will be revealed in several posts this week. Next up, the dining experts predict headlines for D.C. food news in 2021.

Tim Carman, Washington Post food columnist: “Joe Biden Appoints José Andrés as National Food Czar to Rethink How America Does Disaster Relief”

Jessica Sidman, Washingtonian food editor: I’m sure there will be no shortage of depressing headlines next year, so I’m going to offer a few optimistic ones (fingers crossed!):

“Congress Passes Legislation to Create a Massive Grant Fund For Independent Restaurants”

“DC Restaurants Fully Reopen As Covid-19 Cases Plummet”

“The President Actually Visited a Restaurant”

Simone Jacobson, co-owner of Thamee: Mutual Aid is D.C.’s Plat du Jour”

Anela Malik, Feed the Malik blogger: “Well-Known D.C. Restaurant Announces New Training Program After Allegations of Discrimination and Harassment”

Raman Santra, Barred in DC blogger: “D.C. Restaurants and Bars Fully Opened 2 Months Ago. So Why Was There a Staggering Wave of Closures Last week?”

“D.C. Officials Announce Pilot Entertainment/Open Container District Downtown to Revitalize Struggling Area”

Ann Limpert, Washingtonian food editor and critic: “Sourdough Syndrome — Caused by the Ingestion of a Bread That Triggers Pandemic-Related Flashbacks — Is Entered Into the DSM”

Lenore Adkins, freelance food writer: I’m hoping some of the places that temporarily closed, such as Dio Wine Bar, Suns Cinema, and Bar Elena, reopen in 2021. Here are a couple of headlines for my other predictions:

“D.C. Restaurant Workers Prepare for Shots of Virus Vaccine”

“Masks No Longer Required in D.C. Restaurants After America Crushes COVID-19”

Tom Sietsema, Washington Post food critic: “WE SURVIVED” followed by “WE’RE NEW AND IMPROVED!”

Takera Gholson, Flights and Foods blogger: “The City Gives All Restaurants Grants for Street Dining”

Paola Velez, executive pastry chef for Maydan, Compass Rose, and La Bodega: I think D.C. as a town has banded together to support the local business that got their start here. A lot of out-of-town businesses are looking at the market in D.C. to open up shop here. But the DMV residents have been supporting their own this round. Our regulars keep us afloat during this challenging time.


Gabe Hiatt, Eater D.C. editor: “Minibar Launches Sandwich Pop-Up With Bite-Size Bologna Foam Bocadillos”

“Local Food Editor Cries Hysterically, Hugs Servers During First Indoor Meal in 18 Months”

“Virus-Free Fall Brings Packed Houses, Record Revenues for Resurgent Restaurants”

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