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Conveyor Belt Sushi That’s Made By Robots Is Coming to Chinatown

Plus, where to find Salvadoran and Mexican bakeries around D.C.

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Conveyor belt sushi from Kura’s flagship in Tokyo
Conveyor belt sushi from Kura’s flagship in Tokyo
KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP via Getty Images

Domo arigato Mr. Roboto (for 140 types of sushi)]

Kura Sushi, a publicly traded chain with around 400 restaurants in Japan and two dozen more scattered across the U.S., is moving into Chinatown.

Washington Business Journal reports that the company, known for automizing service and kitchen prep with conveyor belts and sushi-making robots, has posted job ads for human positions listed at 614 H Street NW. That address will be part of the Gallery Place development that includes a movie theater from Regal Cinemas. The specific location is unknown because several businesses share the address, but the report mentions a recently closed BB&T branch as a possible landing spot.

Customers can use touch pads to order from 140 items on Kura’s menu. Local restaurant workers won’t be thrilled about the prospect of so much automation, but it’s also incredibly difficult to find skilled sushi chefs.

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