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Diners All Over D.C. Totally Ignored Social Distancing for Cinco de Mayo Deals

Discounted taco kits and to-go margaritas resulted in overcrowded restaurants and sidewalks

Tequila and Mezcal in Washington, DC
Tacos from Tequila and Mezcal in Columbia Heights
Laura Chase de Formigny for The Washington Post via Getty Images

The prospect of discounted taco kits and to-go margaritas was all it took for D.C.’s privileged class to throw social distancing precautions to the wind and raise a collective middle finger to the emergency measures put in place to protect them from contracting the novel coronavirus.

Pictures shared on social media last night showed crowds of masked revelers smushing together at Mexican and Tex-Mex standbys such as Cactus Cantina in Cathedral Heights, Mezcalero north of Columbia Heights, Tico on 14th Street, Lauriol Plaza in Dupont, and Guapo’s in Shirlington, all to celebrate the fateful confluence of Cinco de Mayo and Taco Tuesday. We shall heretofore call it the Guacamole Solstice, or perhaps just the “Karen-ing.”

A sunny Saturday may have foreshadowed this when crowds packed the National Mall and even briefly, illegally drank jarred and pouched cocktails on the patio of a 14th Street NW bar.

Washingtonian food editor Jessica Sidman solicited and collected many of the following tweets from Tuesday night, some of which are shared here along with some other posts containing choice commentary: