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Anju Teams Up With a Korean Bakery to Launch a Pastry-Intensive Brunch

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The acclaimed Adams Morgan restaurant is serving breakfast sandwiches and baked goods like honey brioche from Annandale’s O Bread

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Photos: Anju & O Bread

Washingtonians won’t need to drive into Annandale on the weekends for Korean baked goods: Adams Morgan’s acclaimed restaurant Anju just launched brunch with a selection of pastries like green tea soboro and milk cream bread.

Anju teamed up with Annandale’s O Bread for its new takeout Sunday brunch, which includes sweets inspired by classic French patisseries infused with Korean ingredients and flavors.

“There has never been a Korean bakery in the district,” Anju’s co-owner Danny Lee said in a press release, adding “which is why we are excited to partner with O Bread to bring these delicacies into D.C. for the community to try.”

O Bread’s Swiss rolls are available during Anju’s Sunday brunch
Photo: Anju & O Bread

This collab has been a long-running dream for Anju. “Since the opening of Anju, I’ve always wanted to showcase the unique style of Korean pastries,” chef Angel Barreto said in a press release. “My hope is to share the love and passion O Bread has for their products to the people of D.C. and to continue supporting small businesses like O bread in the future, pushing the narrative of Korean food.”

Anju’s brunch menu includes pastries from O Bread like choco pie, green tea soboro, milk cream bread, vanilla and mocha Swiss rolls, walnut redbean cookies, red velvet cake, and more. Order individually, or snag a $23 “Chef’s Box” with an assortment of options. For something savory, there are three breakfast sandwich ranging from egg salad, mushroom, and grilled maple pork belly. There are also drinks like a strawberry and lychee lemonade or a bloody mary spiced up with saam jang.

According to Anju’s website, O Bread brunch orders are takeout only. Advance orders begin each week on Tuesday, and pickups are available on Sundays between noon and 3 p.m.

Anju’s brunch options include three breakfast sandwiches
Photo: Anju & O Bread

Update June 15, 2:34 p.m.: Anju is beginning to take orders on Tuesday now for bunch.