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A Maryland Brewery Owner Will Work for the Biden Administration to Support Small Businesses

Plus, Adams Morgan dive Dan’s Cafe is reportedly reopening for weekend service indoors

Julie Verratti, left, has accepted a job as the Small Business Administration’s new Associate Administrator of Field Operations
Julie Verratti, left, has accepted a job as the Small Business Administration’s new Associate Administrator of Field Operations
Alec Ross for Maryland [Official photo]

Julie Verratti, the co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Silver Spring-based Denizens Brewing Co., is stepping back from her full-time role so she can accept a presidential appointment with the U.S. Small Business Administration. According to an announcement Denizens posted to Instagram, Verratti’s new job as the associate administrator for field operations puts her in charge of 68 field offices and 10 regional offices across the country. Washingtonian reports that Verratti will begin her post with the SBA on March 1. Before starting the brewery in 2014 — and helping it expand with a Riverdale Park production facility and taproom in 2019 — Verratti was a presidential management fellow and policy advisor at the SBA. In 2018, she ran for lieutenant governor of Maryland as part of Alec Ross’s campaign.

In other news ...

  • Dan’s Cafe, the Adams Morgan dive known for squirt bottles full of liquor, has reportedly reopened for indoor service on Friday and Saturday nights with food from next-door gay bar Pitchers.
Lemongrass chicken dumplings from Laoban
Lemongrass chicken dumplings from Laoban
Laoban Dumplings [official]
  • Inside Union Market, Laoban Dumplings just started running a guest chef dumpling series. Kevin Tien (Moon Rabbit, formerly Emilie’s and Himitsu) is kicking off the series with a lemongrass chicken dumpling that customers can order steamed or pan-fried for pickup or delivery. The special item will be on the menu for about a month, and new dumplings are expected to come on each month after that.
  • Della Barba, the pan-regional pizza shop operating out of Union Kitchen in Ivy City, is now selling an $80 sampler that comes with seven mini pies. Washingtonian reports the deal comes with classic New York-style pizza, Detroit-style, Chicago-style deep dish, a Sicilian-style square; two styles of “nonna” pizza, and a flower-topped focaccia. Customers also get four salads and two Mexican cokes. [W]
  • Speaking of Union Kitchen, Douglas Development has filed two lawsuits against the food incubator and its owners alleging they owe more than $587,000 in unpaid rent, utilities,. and other charges. [WBJ]
  • A big French bistro with an 80-seat patio and plans to host karaoke has filed a liquor license in Teneleytown. [Popville]

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