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Bar Ivy Will Breeze Into Clarendon With a 125-Seat Patio Shaded by Crepe Myrtles

Bar Ivy is for the grown-ups

An interior rendering if forthcoming Bar Ivy in Clarendon
A rendering if forthcoming Bar Ivy in Clarendon.
Courtesy of Bar Ivy

Bar Ivy is bringing West Coast vibes to Clarendon this spring with a seafood towers and a 125-seat patio shaded by crepe myrtles. And while Clarendon already hums with plenty of college bars, Bar Ivy (3033 Wilson Boulevard) will dance to a different tune with a strong focus on dining.

Bar Ivy comes from Blagden Hospitality, the team behind Calico, Fainting Goat, rooftop hangout Hi-Lawn, and Hei Hei Tiger. In contrast to Calico, where the food supports the drinking program (popular with a younger crowd), Bar Ivy has serious food cred with sophisticated dishes and plating in addition to a serious drinks concept, according to a company spokesperson. In fact, there are more dining seats than bar seats at Bar Ivy.

Following the all-day bar/cafe formula, Bar Ivy will open each morning with a casual kiosk serving coffee. The kiosk stands at the corner of the site facing the nearby Metro entrance, with sidewalk-facing coffee service all day for walk-up patrons and a small outdoor bar facing the patio.

The restaurant swings open later in the day with a 20-seat terrazzo, central bar pouring everything from classic cocktails to booze-free beverages. Meanwhile the kitchen, helmed by chef and owner Nathan Beauchamp with help from executive chef Jonathan Till (formerly of Evening Star Cafe in Del Rey), will send out seafood towers, seasonal vegetable mains, meat dishes, and foraged items.

“When I was 18 and working in the restaurant industry, I traveled through Northern California for the first time, dined at The French Laundry, Chez Panisse, met Wolfgang Puck. It opened my eyes to the West Coast approach of cooking, using fresh ingredients sourced locally, prepared simply but manipulating them just enough to create something so incredible,” Beauchamp said in a statement.

Diners can relax in banquettes or booths are tucked into wavy archways around the room while they eat. An open kitchen offers a glimpse for those who like to see the cooks in action.

Bar Ivy’s dining room and kiosk are expected to open in spring 2022. The patio will follow shortly after that, when the weather warms later in spring 2022. Lunch and brunch will join the the morning coffee and evening dinner offerings shortly after opening.

The space has been designed by Edit Lab at Streetsense, who also designed Tiger Fork, Calico, and Fainting Goat.

Bar Ivy won’t stop growing with its Clarendon location. The Blagden team has already laid plans to plant a second Bar Ivy in Bethesda at 7272 Wisconsin Avenue.

Bar Ivy

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