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Look at These D.C. Restaurant Employees Going All Out for Halloween

Eater DC’s annual tribute to industry folks getting into the spooky spirit

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Michaelson Capuano, an off-the-clock server at Kirwan’s on the Wharf, as a Guinness-toting platypus.
Life Expressed Online
Tierney Plumb is the editor of Eater DC, covering all things food and drink around the nation's capital.

Most hospitality workers are stuck at their jobs during Halloween, but that doesn’t stop them from showing a little holiday spirit. It’s time to pay homage to the working-class heroes who don costumes on the floor and behind the bar.

Plenty of industry employees dressed up for their hosted Halloween parties over the weekend, while others will save their big plans for tonight.

Scroll on to view some of this year’s best looks around town.

Bartenders at Bloomingdale’s Pub and The People went the Super Mario Bros. route this weekend and kept the Italian theme going with limoncello pours.

The team at Bar Chinois, which just landed on WaPo’s fall dining guide, dressed up as everyone’s favorite antiheros Joker, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn.

Duke’s Grocery bartender Paulene Madrigal was a cute killer clown.
Sam Sanchez

The Eastern understood the assignment for its “Spooky Sommelier Spectacular” event. General manager and sommelier Robert Morin — aka “Rob Burgundy” — riffed on both Anchorman and red wine.

The Eastern’s Robert Morin (right) dressed in burgundy to honor the fictional San Diego newscaster and wine, while bartender Eric Morris was a head-to-toe sloth. Neighborhood blogger Maria Carey (middle) was the Wicked Witch of the Hill.
The Eastern
McClellan’s Retreat’s Chris Brygider and Brian Nixon as Richie Tannenbaum and Monty Python, a la “Spanish Inquisition.”
Sam Sanchez

Crystal City’s week-old Alamo Drafthouse celebrates its first Halloween by reviving cult “zom rom com” Shaun of the Dead. An 8 p.m. showing on Tuesday, November 1 includes free props like inflatable cricket bats and Shaun-esque name tags.

Kirwan’s on the Wharf bar manager James Suajaroen put a pricey Batman costume to good use, here with his girlfriend Brooke Kacala as Carrie.
James Suajaroen
Union Pub’s Sam Everett and Chris Haley got goth this weekend.
Sam Sanchez

Shaw’s Service Bar — now one of North America’s 50 Best Bars — got comfy for their Sunday night family meal and DJ party, donning onesies while stirring Espolon and Topo Chico specials.

Staff at Dupont Circle bar McClellan’s Retreat sported their best KISS look.
Sam Sanchez

Here’s Poison Ivy and fem bot bartenders at Shaw gay bar Kiki:

Mission Navy Yard’s idea of getting into the spooky spirit was dressing up as actual spirits (Fireball and Clase Azul Tequila).