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NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’ Now Has Its Own Gelato Flavor

Dolcezza teamed up with NPR on a cool new treat called “All Things Conesidered”

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DC gelato company Dolcezza created a special collaboration flavor with NPR
D.C. gelato company Dolcezza created a special collaboration flavor with NPR.

If NPR were a dessert, it would taste a lot like hazelnuts. At least according to the vision of beloved D.C. gelato company Dolcezza, which just teamed up with National Public Radio to create a special flavor inspired by NPR’s flagship news show All Things Considered.

The NPR x Dolcezza gelato, cheekily dubbed All Things Conesidered, debuted this week at Dolcezza’s six shops around town, with pints available in local grocery stores and at all Foxtrot markets in the area. This special NPR flavor featuring flecks of hazelnut and wafer will be available through Sunday, November 1, and 15 percent of sales will be donated to NPR and All Things Considered.

Collabs are nothing new for Dolcezza, founded by husband-and-wife team Violeta Edelman and Robb Duncan almost 20 years ago. The brand’s Black and White Cookie Batter Gelato with D.C.-born deli Call Your Mother caught the attention of the marketing execs at NPR, and that’s how All Things Conesidered came to be.

NPR had Dolcezza take the lead on the collaboration’s flavor profile, and co-CEO Duncan tells Eater that they had the idea to go with an “all things hazelnut” theme, sourcing hazelnuts from Italy’s Piedmont region. Buttery hazelnut gelato is mixed with ribbons of chocolate-hazelnut praline and then studded with candied, chili-spiced hazelnuts that are also covered in chocolate.

“It has a little kick to it,” Duncan explains. “It’s got this sweet, chocolatey, slightly spicy crunch to it. It pairs so well with the rich and fatty hazelnut.”

The graphics department at NPR created the gelato’s label emblazoned with an old-school animation.

But first, the team at NoMa-based NPR had to approve. All Things Considered host Ari Shapiro even came into the station on his day off for the tasting. The hazelnut flavor turned out to be a unanimous winner.

“Ari loved it. He had a strong opinion that he absolutely loved the one that we went with with all the hazelnuts,” says Duncan. (“Truly one of the best gelato flavors I’ve ever tasted and I’m not just saying that,” Shapiro wrote on Instagram.)

Shapiro and Dolcezza go way back, at least 15 years, according to Duncan. “He would always come to the tent in the farmers market where Violetta and I would set up and sell gelato,” says Duncan. Dolcezza has also supported NPR in the past, donating free gelato for fundraisers.

So is this the most D.C. gelato ever? “By far,” Duncan jokes. “The media titans of NPR, we’ve been around for two decades, we’re finally coming together.”