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Uprising Muffin Company
Uprising Muffin Company

Five Ice Cream Sandwiches To Try Before Summer Ends

Get one made with doughnuts, muffins and more.

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Uprising Muffin Company
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A pushcart peddler in the 19th century smeared ice cream between two thin graham wafers and sold it for one cent around New York City. The invention of the ice cream sandwich was nothing short of revolutionary. Not only did it provide a portable ice cream option, but it also conducted the heat of the eater's hands to the frozen treat, allowing it to be more easily consumed.

Creativity abounds in 21st century ice cream sandwiches. Some ideas, like ice cream between two macarons, just seem to make sense. Other offerings, like the new pastrami sandwich dessert by Coolhaus, sound pretty strange. From silly ideas to fancy takes, chefs are certainly thinking beyond the traditional chipwich.

The city also awaits Milk Cult ice cream sandwich experts to open a brick and mortar location at 9 Hanover Place N.W. Look for Milk & Honey, with fior di latte ice cream on a crunchy corn flake cookie with a honey drizzle, among other flavors.

But before summer ends, here are five of D.C.’s most inventive ice cream sandwiches to try.

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